Hey to all...I am reporting here from the big city of Boston. Jim and I took the train in last night and we will be here till sunday afternoon. SO EXCITING. We are in a gorgeous hotel in the financial district (finally after a long night of shuffling hotels because our hotel overbooked!!! YIKES) And I plan on doing a few days of shopping and touring about without a two year old (and a Hubby!) Jim is attending a conference. Isabelle is partying at home with Nana! I am sure she will be spoiled to pieces and Nana will be exausted when we return. Hopefully they all have a good time.

This was Isabelle on Easter Morning with a hand full of smarties and her cool sunglasses she got from the easter bunny!


I dont keep up on politics

Nor do I claim to. I should probably do better, but regardless of your views or personal preferences of our presidential canidates, this video has a great message and is beautifully executed.

OK, dont think I am weird!

I love this band Daft Punk, but I have never seen anything like this. It is the coolest thing.

Check out this video: Daft Bodies, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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New Rubber boots

So I think I just made the best investment....rubber boots for Isabelle. Our driveway is slowly (very slowly) thawing, so there is lots and lots of water and mud to be played in. After going out a few times in our normal winter boots, I determined that the rubber boots were a must. I quickly made the purchase, brought them home and she hasnt taken them off yet. I have fight with her about not wearing boots to bed. There is a bonus to the rubber boots being worn inside. We are in the process of potty training, and once we had an "accident," but the rubber boot caught the "rains" before it could make it to the carpet. Rubber Boots are much easier to clean then the carpet!

This springs latest in toddler fashion. Outfit put together by non-other than Isabelle!


Many Thanks

To all those who serve our country. Thank you.

Thank you for your bravery, for your willingness to defend a cause that this country is divided upon.

Thank you to your families for letting you go, and keeping you in their prayers.

Come back to us safe Micah, we are proud of you and we are always keeping you in our hearts and prayers.

Thank you.


Be cool Momma, just be cool....


Here is a bit of trivia knowledge for ya.

1 inch of snow, over 1 acre, can produce 1653 gallons of water.

How much water is on your front lawn???




I have avoided it all winter. To the point of...Purel-ing my kid's hands after nursery on sunday, purel-ing the handles and anything that Isabelle might touch on the shopping carts. I used that stinkin' little thing of purel everywhere I go and still....


Isabelle and I spent Wednesday nursing a fever under the electric blanket on the couch. Tuesday she managed to spew all over the back of my Jeep. And I new that was the beginning. My luck had run out. A somewhat horrifying event for a new mom and any one who doesn't deal with puke well. I happen to be both. The image is still too fresh in my mind, and I have yet to regain my appetite (that could be somewhat due to the PLAGUE that I have contracted as well)

Even better I had to pull myself together Thursday night to go to my Ski Banquet and present awards to my kids. All I could muster was a clean shirt and a pony tail. The evening went off without a hitch though


I am better today, Isabelle is 100% better. She will run by me and pat my face saying "better momma?"

"Yes dear, Momma is better" I will be back in my "A Game" tomorrow as we all wait for Daddy to catch it.....

Snows coming tomorrow...time to get the one woman snow moving machine, out to work....

Ponder this....

You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act. 
 Barbara Hall, A Summons to New Orleans, 2000