Would you rather:

…Be planted in the ground, rooted like a tree in front of a breathtaking natural landscape for the rest of your life… or,

…Travel the world forever under the conditions that you had to leave the city you were in by 2 o'clock the next day and couldn't return to that city for 3 years; able to see the world but always moving locations at 2pm everyday.


Enough being philosophical I got a party to get ready for! Guess who is turning two tomorrow?!?!?!


A new look

As many of you know, I like to change things around once in a while. So, I am trying a new look for the ol' blog site. Let me know what you think!

Isabelle wanted to try a new look too. Which was funny because neither of us are "girly-girls" but this outfit was pretty girly. (Nevermind the disaster in the background...that is was "hurricane" Isabelle does in an evening to her playroom!)



So, I decided to make bread the other morning and Isabelle was all to eager to help, so I gave her a bowl of flour and a small bowl of water and a few spoons. She stood at the table mixing water with flour, sprinkling it everywhere and making a good fun mess. After a while I said...Mommy is making bread, what are you making Isabelle? And with a matter of fact tone she answered...Cheese. Then turned back to her work and continued mixing. Like, Duh, what do you think I am making mom. Where does that come from??? Its not like we make a lot of cheese around our house.....



We are now going through what many native Mainers know as the January Thaw. During this time most of my alpine races and practices have been canceled due to the damage that my "aggressive" skiers would do to the hill. So, I find my self restless...unable to drive many placed because of the freaking gas prices and dying to get out and do something. Isabelle and I were out enjoying the 57 degree day on Tuesday and I was going nuts. I have got to DO something. So, I was puttering around the garage and found my cross country stuff. Now, I grew up cross country skiing, going out with my family, or just me and the dog. Always a good time. It was only till my later years (high school) that I hung up the cross country skis and started down hill. I started doing more cross country when I met Jim, we would ski into places to camp and things like that. However, since Isabelle..not to much skiing, had never even given it a thought. Until now...... Isabelle had gotten a beautiful LLBean sled for Christmas (Thank you Nana and Pop-Pop!) and I made a belt with some webbing (Jim has TONS...won't miss it anyway!) Strapped it onto the sled, put Isabelle in with sunscreen on, animal crackers and water packed and we set out. We have a snowmobile highway near our house. Perfect for someone looking to get her ski on. After 45 minutes I found that I was liberated from the house! Able to get a work out! (you would be amazed had how much energy it takes to haul a 40 pound sled around) and totally excited. Isabelle was a bit skeptical at first but after a while she was yelling Weeeee! as we slid down some small hills. We have gone a few times since and I am in love. Unfortunetley I took the picture with my phone and haven't been able to figure out how to down load it from there... when I do, You all can see. Just imagine a beautiful wooden sled, kid with big pink snow suit on, hat and a face full of animal crackers.....


Whew...We made it

Through christmas that is. I managed to keep my sanity intact, slightly anyway. Sorry to all those who keep up on my page, because I havent written in a month..YIKES! So much has gone on...

- Janel and I made around 60 wreaths and 15 kissing balls...merry christmas to us! I dont want to see another wreath for a while!
- My brother and his girlfriend are ENGAGED! thats right... welcome to the family Britt. Hang on, its a wild ride. Actually, I am super excited for them. She is adorable and they make a great couple.

- We got to visit with Jims brother from Texas and Isabelle got to meet her cousin PJ. He is almost 1. We found out that Isabelle is a bit protective...or should I say territorial with Mom. PJ took some of his first steps to ME! very exciting.

Santa brought us a sweet new sled to go play in the snow with.

Speaking of snow..what the heck, we have more snow now, than we have had in YEARS..there is close to 3 feet on our front lawn right now. The skiing has been excellent though. I got to go out a few times during Jims christmas break. Races start in full swing this week... Bring on standing on a hill for hours in the snow. Luckly, my ski kids got me boot heaters last year as a present, so I am psyced to put them to work tonight at Titcomb.

Isabelle is getting better about now, but still not over thrilled about it.

Great grampa got Isabelle this cool plane thingy with a light on it...well, lets just say that Isabelle finds it fasinating.....

Ponder this....

You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act. 
 Barbara Hall, A Summons to New Orleans, 2000