And were back....

Sorry for the hiatus! I feel like I have been absorbed by facebook and all the other happenings of the last year. My poor blog has suffered for it. We are doing great! Jim is coaching soccer, Isabelle starts pre-school in a few weeks and I only have 10 more weeks of being pregnant! YEAH! Here are some pictures of our activities over the last few weeks up to just yesterday! I will try and get some more of our summer fun on here. Hope everyone is well!
My little helper...Changing the color of this rather aged shelf for my kitchen.

Always a super star...

The lovely Lola stayed with us for a few weeks...Her family was away on vacation (check out the bow and hot pink toenails! We miss you Lola!

New wheels! I have been dying to get Isabelle a scooter! She has had a blast on it!!!! We go out "scooting" on it everyday!

Fair time! We went to the fair yesterday with our good friends! So much fun. But to me the fair is really the sign that summer has ended :( So sad, seeing that it wasnt much of a summer to start with. This was really Isabelles first time on rides! The merry-go-round was the favorite (3 rides!) the tried others...motorcycles, planes, ect...She was looked slightly terrified while on it, but said she had fun. Im off to see what I can find to do in the craft room....Also tossing around starting a blog about projects..stay tuned!

Ponder this....

You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act. 
 Barbara Hall, A Summons to New Orleans, 2000