Fall Activities!

Every good leaf pile needs a launch pad

Lots of love for the little pumpkin
In the quest for the perfect pumpkin...pop-pop found this one for Isabelle
Fall is coming! Between soccer games and youth activities, we are desperately trying to get our house ready for winter, and finished on the inside. I say finished, but it will never be really finished, but the projects we have started, need to be finished. Anyway. Painting has begun in the living room. The Entertainment center is nearly finished. Now we just pray I get a house sold, so we can put carpeting in!  I need my living room back!

Ponder this....

You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act. 
 Barbara Hall, A Summons to New Orleans, 2000